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Read This First

About Bobi of Top Rated Flat Iron Reviews

I’m going to open my heart to you. Owning this blog is my dream. No that’s not true. Actually, my dream would be for this place to be bustling with people coming here to not only find out about flat iron but to come and talk with like minded people. To me, flat irons that’s what I sell yes, but its bigger than that.


The People who come here, they love hair care and beauty. They want to know how to look their best. They want to know what the latest styles are, the newest designers, how to flip their hair with a straightening iron, how to style their hair on their next date, what to wear to work tomorrow. We get lost in YouTube videos and seventeen or Vogue magazine, wondering what we would look like with that hair style or in that outfit, imagining the compliments we would get, wondering if Target has a knockoff lol.


This is not just about flat irons. And to some people it would be considered shallow to think about and care about all of these things. My response to them….”And?”


Ain’t nothing wrong with loving Beauty. The fact is most everyone is attracted to it in some for or another whether it was in the form of a butterfly or a mountain scene or a baby smiling. There is more to life than beauty but think about how much life would suck without it. My point is, I would love nothing more than for this blog to become a haven for those who completely understand all of the gibberish that I just wrote.


Yes, the focus on this blog is mainly about flat irons but who knows. One day I might create a forum for all the people who come here.


In case you don’t know, I am Bobi…at least here. My real name is Angela Johnson but Bobi is a play on a nickname that I’ve had since middle school. Like I said, I love beauty (products, fashion, hair care, whateve).


Bobi of Top Rated Flat Iron Reviews


Why should you listen to my advice on how to choose a flat iron? Because, trust me, I’m known for being honest (maybe a little too honest) but forget that. Anyone could say they were honest. What I’m really good at is observation. There’s very little that gets past my eye. Like when I’m reading a flat iron review. I want to know that reviewers hair type first and foremost. When I’m reading reviews and I see that everyone who loved the flat iron had straight or barely wavy or fine hair I’m not very impressed. I mean how hard is it to straighten hair that is already straight? Not very.


It’s about the details. That’s what I notice. No, I don’t try every flat iron that is reviewed on this blog. There’s no way that I could afford it. But I can go over the reviews with a fine toothed comb and notice the things that others would ignore. That’s what I’m good at and I’m going to use that talent and my extensive beauty and fashion knowledge to help you find the best flat iron ever.


 This place is for you. I want you all to feel comfortable here, whoever you are. I welcome your comments and suggestions and if you have questions for me then you can email me here: Go ahead and jump right in and read my first flat iron review about the Chi.