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Flat Iron Reviews: Is the PYT Flat Iron Better than the Chi Flat Iron? One User Says Yes!

PYT Flat Iron ReviewsI want to love you, PYT… I mean the flat iron of course. Flat iron reviews about the PYT ceramic flat iron let me know that it is one of the most popular flat irons so i know ya’ll have plenty of questions about it and want to know what the users think of it.  Will this hair straightener make you look like a pretty young? Well lets find out.

Pyt Flat Iron benefits

– 100% extra high grade ceramic plates
– 1.25″ wide floating plates
– 9ft swivel cord
– 450• temp
– Heats in 10 seconds

Pyt hair straighteners claim to

– “give super slick straight hair…”
– “…soft voluminous waves…”
-“… And tight spiral curls.”

Flat Iron Reviews from Users

So the PYT makes some pretty lofty claims. Lets see if they live up to them. Read these hair straightener reviews and see if you can relate.

Positive PYT Flat Iron Reviews

 – A black woman with natural hair says it makes her look like she has a perm when she uses the PYT hair straightener.
– Several said it worked better than the CHI.
– One said her curls lasted through the rain and through to the next morning.
– One noted that the temperature dial is easy to use which is important because some are hard to adjust or even see what temperature it’s on.
– Another review said it got her hair super straight and shiny which is what the company claims it will do.

Negative PYT Flat Iron Reviews

 While most of the reviews for the PYT are very good, there are always some negative reviews.
– 2 reviews said it was DOA so that’s a bit alarming.
– One reviewer said it dried her hair out a little.
– Some say the flat iron wasn’t new like it was supposed to be. I think this is related to the seller. This seller doesn’t have those complaints
 Video Review of PYT Hair Straightener


PYT Flat Iron Review: Final Impression

The PYT flat iron overall seems like a very good flat iron with happy customers. Be sure to watch out for sellers that may say they are selling new flat irons but are sending used ones instead. Other than that one caveat, it seems like you will be on your way to super straight and shiny hair like the company says you will. Awesome!
So is the PYT better than the Chi which is arguably the most famous flat iron in the world? Well be sure to check out my hair straightener  review on the Chi and make up your own mind!
Be on the lookout for my next flat iron review on the Nume flat iron. Want more info about flat irons?  Here are the best flat irons of 2014!


August 29, 2013

3 Best Curling Wands Under $100



Though it might sound crazy, right after you have straightened your hair for 2 hours, you might then decide to put some curls back in your hair. Don’t worry! I completely understand. You want the kind of curls you might see on your favorite actress, those romantic curls that bounce when you walk. If this is the look you are after, then look no further than a curling wand.



Curling wands are a relatively new kind of hair styling tool. The concept is basically just a regular curling iron without the clamp. I personally hate the clamps on curling irons and I am so glad hair care companies came up with this new design. Trying to use the  curling iron  and the clamp without getting unwanted crimps in my hair was frustrating at best.


Eventually, I just stopped using the clamp and just wrapped my hair around the barrel. But that still didn’t work because it didn’t seem to get hot enough to curl my hair. And frankly, that stupid clamp was in the way. Apparently I wasn’t the only one dealing with this issue and now hair care companies have come to the rescue and solved the problem.


There are 3 main types of curling wands

1) Regular Clipless Curling Wands

2) Curling Wands with interchangeable heads

3) Curling Wands with Curl Guides


I have scoured the internet to find the best curling wands under $100 in each category. Why under $100? Because I really don’t think you have to spend that much on a curling wand to make beautiful curls.



Best Regular Clipless Curling Wand: BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium ConiCurl


 The Babyliss Pro ConiCurl is one of the most popular curling wands. It’s a tapered wand that goes from “1/2 to “1. It heats instantly and goes up to 450 degrees. The barrel is made out of titanium which is my favorite material for my styling tools to be made from. It also has a cool tip so you don’t get burned (hopefully).


What do the users of the Babyliss Pro ConiCurl say?


They love it! They say the curls look professional. But the biggest claim to fame was that the curls last all day. Some said it even lasted for a few days. The tool is also lightweight so their arms don’t get tired while using it.


Of course there are always some cons with any products. One user said that because her hair is so straight it slips off of the barrel. This might be the case with any curling wand so a regular curling iron like the Hot Tools curling iron might work better for this hair type. Some people also didn’t like the tapered feature because they felt it made it harder to use.


Overall it got almost 5 stars and at a little under $30 at Amazon, it really is a steal.



Best Curling Wand with interchangeable heads: FAHRENHEIT 4 in One Curling Iron


 The coolest thing about the Fahrenheit (pun intended) 4 in 1 curling is that it has 4 interchangeable heads. This means you can choose between 4 different size barrels to get the look you are going for that day. The head sizes are: 1/2-1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1.25 inch & 1.5 inch. It is also ceramic and tourmaline, both of which help decrease your chances of getting heat damaged hair. And unlike the Babyliss wand, this one comes with a heat resistant glove to protect your hand from being burned. Score!


But what do the reviewers of the Fahrenheit 4 in 1 curling wand say?


They say that it heats up quickly and allows you to change the temperature to wherever you need it. The glove makes it easier to use and switching to a different head is easy. Most importantly, it creates beautiful, shiny, and soft curls that last and last.


However, as you know it wasn’t all good…


One user said her’s broke after 2 months so if you get this please be sure to register it so you can get the warranty, just in case. One user complained that the two smallest barrels are the same size except one is tapered and one is not.


Despite the complaints, the Fahrenheit 4 in 1 is still the best curling wand with interchangeable heads. And at a cost of $48 many users say that it is cheaper at Amazon than it was at other stores who sold it.


Best Curling Wand with Curl Guides: Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller


The Bed Head Rock’n’Roller is definitely the most unique looking of the three wands. That unique look is what is supposed to make it easier for your to curl your hair. This type of curling wand is probably good for those with really fine hair because the hair has something to grab onto. Another feature is that it is ceramic and tourmaline so it makes your hair feel soft to the touch.


So what do the users say about the Bed Head RocknRoller?


The users once again so the curls last for hours. Many say that they don’t need to use hair spray and the curls will still sometimes stay overnight. And of course the curls are beautiful and shiny and bouncy as curls should be.




One user said the Bed Head didn’t curl their hair at all and they had to send it back. Another user said that her’s wouldn’t turn on at all (yikes!). And another reviewer said that the curl wasn’t defined enough and was more like a beach wave.


What I would say to that user would be to keep practicing and she may eventually get the curl she wants. It may be a little more difficult to use than the other types which is another con but I don’t think it is terribly difficult or no one would use it.


Overall, if you have fine hair or need the built in guides to assist you, then this is the best curling wand for you. You can get it at Amazon for under $30.


Curling wands are a newer concept but don’t let that scare you. Any one of these three tools would be easy to use and able to get you the soft beautiful curls you desire…right after you’ve straightened your hair of course!

Flat Iron Review: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Review….Hair done in 15 Minutes?

Flat Iron Reviews of the Babyliss Flat Iron

If flat iron reviews are anything to go by, women all over the world love Babyliss hair styling tools. Why? Well, one because say they are cheap(ish) and two because they really do give you sleek and shiny and salon quality results.

I’ve already discussed the Babyliss Pro Diamond flat iron and gave it away to one lucky reader. Now I’m going to review the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron which is one of their most popular hair straighteners.


Let’s first go over the “mane” features of the Babyliss Pro Nano and then we will discuss the the user reviews, both positive and negative.

Babyliss Pro Nano Benefits

Full Name: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

Plate Type: Nano Titanium plates

Plate Size: 1″ – 1 3/4″

Temperature Type: LED temperature settings

Flat Iron Type: Digital ionic technology

Temp Range: Heats up to 450F (can be used to give or maintain a Keratin treatment)

Cord: Swivel power cord

Warranty: 4 year limited warranty

User Reviews

As usual, I want you to know what the users of this flat iron had to say. No one straightener works for all people so pay attention to details of what each customer said. Then apply it to your own experiences.

Positive Flat Iron Reviews About the Babyliss Pro Nano from Users

– an African American lady with natural hair says that her hair went from kinky and frizzy to silky and it lasted until she washed her hair again

– one reviewer said that they only had to do each section of hair once and it got straight

– one lady with tons of hair says that she gets done straightening in 15 minutes. And she gets lots of compliment

– one reviewer said it took 1 hour to straightener her hair with a CHI but only 15 minutes with a Babyliss Pro Nano

– Another reviewer with natural hair said that it made her hair silky and straight as well

– Others claimed that it does not snag hair like other straighteners they had used.

– Another user said that the Babyliss leaves her hair pin straight and super shiny

read more reviews

Negative Flat Iron Reviews about the Babyliss Pro Nano by Users

– One user said that she wouldn’t wish this flat iron on her worst enemy (or maybe she would). Gave her dry hair.

– Another said that there had been complaints of knock off version

– One complaint is that the outside gets hot

– Another said that it is too easy to turn the power button on and off and it makes it frustrating to straighten your hair

– One user said that it did snag her hair

So as always some people loved the Babyliss Pro Nano and some people hated it. I’m wondering if some of the people who hated it truly had the real version of the flat iron or a knock off. Complaints like the flat iron coming without instructions sets off a red flag to me. Guess we’ll never really know.

Anywhoo, there’s no point in worrying about that. If you buy the Babyliss flat iron from Amazon you should be getting an authentic straightener. If not then, you always have 30 days to return your product so there’s nothing to lose.

In the meantime, let me show you the overall rating of the flat iron.

Babyliss Pro Nano Flat Iron Rating

 Based on reviews from Amazon and Folica, the Babyliss Pro Nano got:

Likes: 878 Positive ratings

Neutral: 30 Neutral ratings

Dislikes: 76 Negative ratings

Total: 984 ratings

Babyliss Pro Nano Videos

Here is Riannstar showing you how to curl your hair with the Babyliss Pro Nano Flat Iron

[vsw id=”ArvvCtSj2us” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Should You Get The Babyliss Pro Nano?

 You’ve seen the before and after pics. You’ve watched the videos. You’ve read the flat iron reviews. But you’re still not convinced. It is a touch decision. One you have to make yourself. However, maybe answering these questions will help decide.

– If you’ve used Babyliss products in the past, did they work well on your hair?

– Does your hair respond better to ceramic or titanium irons?

– Has every thing else you’ve tried failed?

I hope answering these will lead you on the right path. Perhaps it is leading you to buying the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair straightener . If so let me know how it works for you.

 Still not sure? Then read about how I finally found my perfect straightener and see my before and after pics. Stay tuned for my flat iron reviews in the future.

See ya’ll,

Flat Iron Review Battle: Sedu vs Solia (Who’s the Winner?)

And the moment you’ve been waiting for, 


The winner of the Sedu vs Solia flat iron review battle is….the flat iron that made its user’s hair look like they stepped  out of a salon. It is the flat iron that made its user’s hair look like silk.  It is the flat iron that had the best before and after pictures. It is the flat iron that…okay okay so I’m not quite ready to tell you what it is yet.

 You see, I want ya’ll to guess which one the winner is. I’m going to provide links to before and after pictures for both flat irons. If you can, don’t look at which flat iron is being reviewed. Instead, just look at the pictures and see which links show the users with the shiniest, sleekest, and healthiest looking hair.

Once you’ve looked at the pics and made your decision, come back and see if you agree with me.


Flat Iron #1

Flat Iron #2

Well, I’ve got my pick. How’ bout you?

The winner of Top Rated Flat Iron Review’s very first flat iron battle is…


The Sedu!

Why is the Sedu flat iron the winner?


1) Ratings- Using my ratings system, the Sedu had a 93% positive rating vs the Solia’s 80%.


2) Before and After Pics- A pic is worth a thousand words and in this case the Sedu’s after pictures spoke volumes. The Sedu’s “after” pictures showed results shinier, straighter, and sleeker than the Solia.


It’s true not everyone loved the Sedu Flat Iron but overall, it is the clear winner. I would recommend it to anyone.

If you are on a tighter budget the Solia is not a bad choice. However, if you are ready to make an investment, the Sedu Flat Iron is the best pick of the two and the winner of our epic battle. Time to get the salon quality hair you’ve always dreamed of.


Whew…glad that’s settled. But if you’re still not convinced, take a look at these other popular flat irons:


Be sure to come back and read my upcoming review on the GHD flat iron.


Thanks for reading and following me on Twitter,

Flat Iron Review Battle #1: The Solia (Beautiful Hair Under $100)

And in the other corner,





Solia Flat Iron Set


We have the challenger, the Solia!

This is the second part in the flat iron review battle the Sedu vs the Solia. If you are slightly confused, reference the first flat iron review post and the introduction to this battle.


Okay so hopefully you read my Sedu post and let me tell you, it is going to be tough to beat. The Sedu is one bad flat iron so the Solia needs to step it up. Let’s go straight into it…


Continue reading

Flat Iron Review Battle #1: The Sedu Pro Ionic (Beautiful Hair for Under $150)

In this corner,


We have the Sedu Pro Ionic Flat Iron that is battling against the Solia (which I will discuss in the next post). Yesterday I talked about the “battle” between the Sedu and the Solia so I’m putting them both to the test. I want to know which flat iron is really the best.  I want to know if the Solia can kick the Sedu’s butt even being $40 less. I mean, is there really even any competition between them or does one just blow the other out of the water?



I don’t know but I’m fixing to find out…


What’s The Big Deal About The Sedu Anyway?


  I jacked this quote straight from “Rated the best hair straightener on the market…”. It also won’s 2010 Editor’s choice for best straightener. Now I don’t know who rated it the best hair straightener in the world but someone did so that’s plus one for the Sedu…


The Sedu’s Specs

Full Name: Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1.5 Inch

The Sedu’s Claim to fame: “Ultra smooth ceramic and tourmaline plates guarantee smooth straightening motion without pulling or breaking of hair”

Have you ever used a flat iron that:

a) You could actually hear it as you were swiping sections of your hair because the plates were that rough


b) Yanked individual strands of your hair out?

I have had both of these things happen and both of them disturbed me down to my product junkie soul. So, I love the idea of the plates gliding silently  across each section of your hair while not plucking any hairs out of your scalp. So far so good.

Reduces static and frizz- Yea! Because there is nothing cute about looking like you just rubbed a balloon all over your head.

1.5” plates– This is good if you have longer hair because you can do wider sections of hair and finish faster…however, this is not so good if you want to curl your hair.

2 Year Warranty– This is good. Many only give you a one year warranty and don’t manufacture them to last much longer than that.

“Exclusive” Infrared heat– Hmmmm…okay then…whatever. If you read my email series Five Flat Iron Fairy Tales then you will know that there is nothing exclusive about infrared heat. All flat irons with a ceramic heating unit have one… Next

Exclusive heat optimization technology– I don’t really know what this means except that it is supposed to help protect your hair from heat damage which is great but I don’t know how exclusive it is…I found another flat iron that claims the same technology…maybe they are made by the same company or something.

Ergonomic and light weight– Yeeesss….some flat irons get so heavy especially when you have tons of hair like I do and it takes 2 hours get finished….that last hour can really do your arms in so having these features are a major plus for me.

Adjustable temperature 240- 410 degrees– This is great but pretty standard. Only flat irons like the original chi and older models don’t give you this option.

Faster heat times– Sweet!

Professional grade cord and length 9 Feet– This is good because I hate companies that skimp on the cord. It is tre annoying. It is also good that it is durable because that can be a fire hazard.   Price Range- Designer: $100-350)

So we’ve heard what the company has to say but what about the people. . .Do the users thinkthis is the best flat iron on the market or are they equally unimpressed?


User Reviews

So I’ve read through a lot of the reviews for the Sedu and I’ve done two things. I’ve paraphrased comments about the flat iron that stood out to me whether positive or negative and I’ve always come up with a ratings system. I’ll explain later how it works. For now here are what the users think of the Sedu…


Positive Comments About The Sedu

-The Sedu gave many users soft and straight hair that stays straight even in humidity. This is very significant because many flat irons can give you straight hair for an hour or two but can then quickly revert back at the first sign of moisture. This shows that the flat iron can protect against the elements.

– One user said the flat iron gave her results better than a Dominican blow out. I don’t know if you have see a Dominican blow out but the results are amazing. They can take the curliest hair and make it soft and bouncy. Here is a video:


[vsw id=”2JtyB-HrEHg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

– One user said it changed their life. Trust me girl, I understand.

-Some claim it is better than the Chi which is saying a lot because the Chi is also considered to be one of the best on the market

– One said that the Sedu does not make her hair staticy (full of static)

– One said they had tried the  Chi, the GHD, the GVP, the Croc, and the Sedu was far and away the best.

– A woman with 4b natural hair said that she only had to pass over each section twice and it was super straight.

read more

Negatives Comments About The Sedu

– Some users found that it took much longer to straighten their hair using the Sedu so that must mean she had to do a lot of passes on each section.

–  One user had several complaints of burnt fingers, straightness that didn’t last and eventually become puffy and frizzy. She also said that you can’t get to the roots. Then the iron broke on the same day she got it. Not a good experience. Hopefully a lemon. – Some users said it made her hair dull and did not last in humidity after about an hour.

– One said it made their hair too soft and staticy. Weird.

– Others said the iron didn’t last longer than a year.

My New Flat Iron Ratings System Explained

Now the ratings system I’m using is of my own making. What I did was go to websites like Amazon, Ulta, Flat Iron Experts, etc. I added all of the 4 and 5 star ratings from these sites together and counted them as “likes”. The 3 star ratings are neutrals. And the 1 and 2 star ratings are counted as dislikes.

The Sedu’s Rating


This is how the Sedu fared:

Likes- 1,773
Dislikes- 30
Total- 1,830


Before and After Videos


This is my personal opinion but the Sedu before and after pictures that I saw were like so amazing. I was hating on them so bad lol. They really did look like they had gotten their hair done at a salon. Most of the b&a pics I saw had really shiny hair.  Just look at these videos…

[vsw id=”CTZtFfr1zmg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


[vsw id=”LLadZB7TTr0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Final Thoughts


 This is going to be a tough flat iron for the Solia to beat. For there to be only 30 dislikes and 27 neutrals out of 1,830 reviews is amazing and unheard of. The Sedu Ionic Pro is an amazing flat iron that gives you shiny salon like results. It truly is at least one of the best flat irons on the market (not sure if it is the very best but a case could be made for it).


And the price? You can spend $200 going to the beauty salon once you’ve gotten your washed, cut, colored, and styled (and don’t forget the tip). Why not spend the money on a good hair straightener and have it at home where you can use it anytime you want?

It’s almost a no brainer but if you are still not sold be sure to come back a see what the Solia is all about.

Tomorrow I will review the Solia to see if it has a fighting chance against the Sedu.

Don’t miss it,

Flat Iron Review Battle #1: Sedu vs Solia (Who’s Coming Out On Top?)

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble,
Okay perhaps we are not going to engage in fisticuffs (said in my best English accent) but it seems like the Sedu and the Solia would  (if they had fisticuffs…). For some reason these two flat irons have been pitted against each other like two pit bulls in a dog fight.  The thing is,  I can’t find any true connection between the two of them…not really. This is what I’ve come up with so far.

1) They both have plates made up of ceramic and tourmaline which produces more ions than either material alone…But so does the HSI , Izunami,Infiniti Conair. So What?

2) They both begin with the letter S…???
Okay, I’m really stretching it here. These two factors alone do not a battle royale make. Truth is, this is probably a fabricated flat iron battle whose origins no one knows.
Regardless, we are still going to act like this is going to be the war of the roses and put these two flat irons head to head.  Is the Sedu worth the extra money? Are all ceramic/tourmaline flat irons the same? Which flat iron is cuter (hey don’t act like you don’t care) ? Which one produces better before and after pictures? Which company sells their product better? What do the users think?
In the next three posts, we are going to find out all of this and more when I review the Sedu flat iron and the Solia flat iron. If you have been trying to decide between the two of them then you will not want to miss these next three posts where on the third post, I declare a winner.
Stay Tuned,

P.S. If you have ever used either of these flat irons then I definitely want to hear from you. If you have used both of them, then all the better. If one of you has some insight into this “war” that I don’t have I would love to know. And if someone has a killer review, I would definitely want to feature it in a future blog post. Let me hear it!

December 16, 2011

Choosing Flat Irons Got You Flustered? Rosebud to the Rescue (Video)

  What up my peeps!
In addition to awesome article on how to choose a flat iron which you should go ahead and read right now, there are also some videos on YouTube that give you super helpful tips on how you can find your flat iron.

  See finding a flat iron should be fun. But because there are so many hair straighteners to choose from and its like a major chore. Don’t get bogged down in all of the superlatives that these companies claim their flat irons have. If you read my how to choose a flat iron article then I will you show you exactly how to choose a flat iron.
In the meantime, you can watch this video that YouTube personality Rosebud created.
[vsw id=”NW2wQjQmwMA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
Next up: Solia vs Sedu Battle: Who’s gonna come out on top?
Don’t miss it,

Hana Flat Iron Review Part 2: My Brilliant Flat Ironing Idea

If you haven’t already, go ahead and read this post first. Then you will understand the idea that I”m about to share with you.


I have been reading flat iron reviews for years. I have seen a million flat iron review videos.  A lot of the time, these videos don’t even show the reviewer using the flat iron. Or that reviewers’ hair is already straight or just barely “wavy” and supposedly very “thick”. Then they show you how that  flat iron magically transforms their “wavy” and “thick” hair to sleek and straight in about 3 or 4 passes.
I’m sorry, that’s not very impressive to me. How hard is it for a flat iron to straighten nearly straight hair when you pass over each section 10 times. Forget that.
This is not really challenging these flat irons. That’s not showing me how well they work. The $10 Conair from Walmart can straighten that type of hair.
But, what if we really put a flat iron to the test? What if we actually made them sing for their supper. It’s time for a flat iron review that really shows you how effective it is.
In other words, its fine to see how well a flat iron does when you do everything right.
But wouldn’t you like to know how well a flat iron does if you do EVERY thing wrong?
So, I decided I was going to do just that. Instead of…
1) Using a straightening shampoo 2) Using a straightening conditioner 3) Blow drying my hair with a straightening serum and… 4) Flat ironing each section of my hair 3 or 4 times
I was going to throw all of the rules out the window. I was going to flat iron my hair in its current condition, no blow drying, no washing or conditioning, no leave-ins, no rollersets…nothing.
It’s just me, my hair, round brush, two sided brush, shine serum/heat protectant, and the flat iron. Nothing else.
Now, let’s see what this flat iron can really do.
Oh and let me explain about my hair. I don’t have “wavy” and “thick” hair. No love. I have THICK, coarse, curly and coily 4a/4b hair (find out what that means here).
It is not easy to get my hair straight at all. In fact, I have claimed the sole title of having the “hardest hair to straighten in the world”. My hair has laughed at many a flat iron and hair relaxer. Has my hair finally met its flat iron match?
To fully appreciate this transformation, you have to see just how coily and thick my hair was before I flat ironed it. Now I only did a few sections because I didn’t want to flat iron all of my hair like that in case it was damaging but you will be able to see the difference:
Before pics

You’ve seen my hair, so let me explain to you the steps I took. There’s not many. This is what i did:
1) I parted my hair 2) I took a small section of my hair and I brushed it gently with the round ionic brush that was sent with the flat iron. 3) I used the Hana shine serum/heat protectant they sent me. 4) Then I flat ironed that section of the hair very slowly, using a two sided brush for the chase method, 1.5 times. (meaning I did one pass very slowly and then did another quick pass to bump the ends of my hair)

My hair was straighter and silkier than it had ever gotten with ANY other flat iron. No I am not exaggerating. No I am not being melodramatic. No I am not just saying this because I got a free flat iron. I am under no obligation to say I liked it. Fortunately, I loved it. Now, I could have gone over the sections multiple times and made it even sleeker and smoother but I wanted you to see just how straight it could get my hair in one (point five) passes.  And remember this is without really any of my usual flat ironing preparation.  This is about as straight as it gets in less than two passes.
Let me make a little confession. Even though I am a flat iron reviewer extraordinaire (as I like to think) I have personally never used a flat iron that cost more than $100. I’ve come close but no cigar.
This flat iron is $119 on and it is worth every penny. I thought it made a difference to get a more expensive flat iron vs one from Sally’s. But now I know for sure.
It makes a huge difference.
This is personally the best flat iron I have ever used. And this is not even the best Hana flat iron they have. I can only imagine how well the others work. This one is more than good enough for me.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this flat iron to anyone. If it worked on my hair type then it will most likely work for yours too. You can get the Hana flat iron at or
Have you ever tried any of the Hana brand flat irons? What is your experience? Did you like it as much as I did or did you just have a so so experience with it? I would love to hear from you. Let me know about it in the comment section.
And stay tuned for the flat iron battle posts coming soon.
Thanks for reading,

Update: I have since used the Hana flat iron over all of my hair. While my hair did feel great initially, my hair did quickly revert back to its original state. My hair didn’t maintain its silky look for long. I do think this flat iron would work with some hair types but unfortunately, it didn’t work with mine for long. I do have hope that it would work well for someone with less coarse hair than mine because it was able to make my hair straight for a while just not very long.

Hana Flat Iron Review Part 1: An Unexpected but Welcome Gift

  Hello All,

This is my absolute favorite time of year. The decorations are beautiful (and sometimes beautifully gaudy), the food is rich and cheesy and buttery and chocolately (not necessarily the same dish). The presents that you give and receive are over the top expensive and lavish. It’s decadently wonderful.

And we are barely in the middle of Christmas season and already I have received an unexpected gift.  I set up a new email account some months ago ( hoping to get an email from a reader, a hater of me or this blog, ANYONE…I mean I would take spam at this point.

Then one day, I got an email from some guy named John with the subject Product Review. My ears perked up and  my eyes got wide.  I’m telling you. If you are only going to get one email, this is the one to get.  I was super excited.
He introduced himself as John from the flat iron website and asked me if I was interested in reviewing one of their flat irons (hmmm, let me think??).  Needless to say, I readily agreed as I was always a big fan of anyway. Their website has a look and feel to it that I’ve always loved.
We exchanged a few more emails and before long I was notified that my flat iron was on its way. The flat iron that he sent was the  Hana flat iron, which is their site’s biggest seller. And it got to my house VERY quickly. It was mailed on the 14th and it was delivered on the 17th  of November.
When I got it, I didn’t open it for a few days because I was busy.  So when I opened it on a Saturday just to see what the flat iron looked like I got a bit of a surprise.
I was not expecting everything that I saw when I opened that box. The way it was arranged was so adorable. And the freebies…there were tons. I felt like I had gotten a swag bag backstage at the Grammys or something.
I had to take pictures so ya’ll could see it. I only had my iphone at the time to take a pictures of the box. Trust me, it doesn’t do it justice but you’ll get the idea.

This is a breakdown of everything that I got:
1) a Hana  VIP Card 2) A Ionic round brush 3)Lip gloss 4) Mascara 5) Sleep Eye Mask 6) Silicone mat 7) Leather Storage Case 8) Bottle of Hana Shine Serum/Heat Protectant 9) Hana flat iron storage tin. 10) 2 carrying cases
And a Hana Professional flat iron, of course.
Can you say “Dang Gina”? That is a whole lot of free stuff. And the packaging came in my favorite color too (purple). I emailed John to thank him for everything and asked him if they usually package everything like that and he said they did so be prepared to get your own swag when you order a Hana flat iron from Misikko.
But as nice as all that is, it means nothing if the actual flat iron isn’t good. I still hadn’t even used it but I was already in love. I had to calm myself down and actually try the product and soon.
Then, one day later that week,  I came up with a brilliant idea. A devilishly wickedly brilliant idea (as wicked and devilish an idea about flat irons can be).
But ya’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what my idea was b/c this post is already quite long. So I shall see you on the morrow when I will reveal this brilliant idea with all of you.
Prepare for possible amazement,

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